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Why Work With Us

We show small business owners what they need to do to make their business financially strong so that it will not only survive - but thrive.

Here's four reasons to work with us...

1. We focus on one thing: profit. Everything we do is centered around increasing the profit of your business.

2. We get key members of your team involved so they know what they need to focus on and show how they are contributing to the success of the business. 

3. Your CFO is there when you need him or her. We'll set regularly scheduled meetings, however, if you need to talk in-between meetings we're there for you.

4. We'll make the financials of your business clear and easy-to-understand so that you can make clear decisions and focus on what you do best.

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Our Mission

I'm a former accountant turned small business owner. Things started off great, however, my business quickly went south.

I struggled with profitability and constantly felt overwhelmed - and yet I was an accountant!

What made things worse was that I had no one to turn to for help. I tried soliciting help from my accountant and bookkeeper, however, they really weren't strategic advisors. They were simply getting paid to record my books correctly.

I tried turning to family and friends and, although they wanted to help, they really couldn't provide the type of help I was looking for.

Fast forward 10 years and I founded The CFO Project. I wanted to provide the same type of help that I so desperately wanted many years earlier.

We are "Chief Financial Officers" that specializes in small business.

Our mission is to give business owners a peace-of-mind knowing that their business is - and remains - on the right track financially.


Adam Lean


Get a Free Proposal

Answer three questions and get a proposal via email in three minutes.