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Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the financials of your business… confused about cashflow… upset that the venture that was supposed to give you more time has you working more than ever?

Adam Lean’s mission is to help small business owners maximize profit and personal freedom. And to get the word out beyond his clients, he’s started the P is for Profit podcast. 

Adam, with special guests, will offer strategies and techniques for running a business more like a CEO, including details on which metrics to watch to implement profit-boosting strategies. His goal is to cut through the clutter of all the business and marketing advice out there and make it simple to make decisions that will grow your business.

There are already several guests lined up, including experts on setting up websites to convert more visitors into customers, creating a cohesive marketing strategy that drives steady business growth, the right way to hire freelancers and remote workers, and much, much more. 

Tune in to the premier episode to discover…

  • How to overcome the 2 biggest challenges facing small businesses today
  • The most important financial metrics to watch
  • Strategies for simplifying your business’s accounting
  • What most entrepreneurs are afraid to talk about
  • And more

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