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Hey! I’m Adam and I am the founder of The CFO Project. You and I are a lot alike. We’re both small business owners. We both have dreams, goals, and ambitions. We both set out to start or buy a small business, so we can have not just more money but more freedom

We crave the freedom. We like being in control over our destiny. 

We like that our small business can be the vehicle to give us that freedom and control. In fact, that’s what a small business is supposed to give us: freedom and control.  

Freedom to do with our time as we please. Control to make as much money as we want or need. 

Here’s the other thing that I think we have in common: we were meant to be a business owner

If we weren’t meant to be a business owner we would be content going to a nine-to-five job, sitting in cubicles five days a week, and making 3% raises each year. 

But we’re not. 

We’re not content doing that so we became business owners. Again, we value freedom and control. 

So, if we are meant to be a business owner why is this so hard? Why is being a business owner so difficult? Why does it feel like a constant struggle?  

Why does being a business owner feel like a constant struggle?

The reason: we are not meant to be good at everything

We can’t be good at everything. No one is good at everything. Yet, us business owners are forced to be good at everything.

We’re forced to be experts at marketing, sales, operations, and finance. 

  • We have to know how to get the word out about our business (the marketing)
  • Once they’ve heard about us, then, we have to know how to get someone to give us money (the sales) 
  • Once we’ve made a sale then we have to not only deliver a high quality product or service, we have do it efficiently (the operations) 
  • And, on top of all of that, we have to make a profit (the finance).  

So, we’re left frustrated.  

We know we’re meant to be a business owner. We want that freedom and control. 

Yet, we’re faced with the reality that we can’t do everything. We’re not super-human. 

That’s why I founded The CFO Project. 

What We Do

We meet with business owners once a month and coach them on how to make their business successful

And by “successful”, I mean profitable

We’re not generic business coaches. We’re actually CFOs (Chief Financial Officers) who have real-world experience on making small businesses profitable. 

The difference between us and generic business coaches is that we focus on results. Numbers don’t lie. Everything we do is centered around your business making a profit. 

Imagine that sitting in your garage is a machine that creates cash. This is cold, hard cash that you get to keep.  

Wouldn’t you ensure that your machine is well taken care of so that it keeps cranking out cash?  

I know I would.  

If you think about it, every business is like a machine that is supposed to produce cash

Your business is like a machine that's supposed to produce cash for you – the owner – after all debt payments and bills are covered.  

Some machines produce a lot of cash. 

However, too many machines are barely limping along, therefore producing a small amount of cash.  

And, yet, some are not producing any cash at all…  

…in fact, in many cases, the business owner is going into debt to keep their machine alive.

The reason? Business owners are forced to be an expert at everything: sales, marketing, operations…and finance.  

In many cases, however, managing the ‘finances’ is often neglected which leads to low profits and poor cash flow.  

This is what makes us different. 

We want you to focus on the things that you are good at and the things that you want to do...

...the things that got you into your business in the first place. 

We’ll come alongside you and help you from a finance standpoint. We’ll strip away the “noise” and the “confusion” and show you, every month, what you need to do to improve profit

You’ll get a business coach and a CFO all in one. You will have someone to talk to that “gets it” and can help you strategize on making your business successful – meaning more profit and more cash flow.  

How We Work

Step 1: Meet Your CFO 

Before you give us a dime, we want you to get on a video call (or phone call) with the CFO that works with your type of business to ensure that we make a good fit. 

On the call, we’ll learn about the vision and goals that you have for your business and help strategize on how to turn that vision and those goals into reality. 

We’ll also offer to do a free financial assessment on your business to spot any red flags that we see and to spot any opportunities for growth. Once we complete the assessment we’ll get back on another call and review the assessment with you.

You’ll then decide if you would like to work with us.  

Step 2: Set Goals 

Once you become a client, the very first thing we will do is set very specific and measurable goals that you want to accomplish with your business.

Our mission is to ensure that you actually meet your goals – so, we’ll set specific goals for sales, profit, and cash flow. 

Don’t worry, however, at no point do we make things confusing (as financial-types tend to do). We keep all conversations in the “real-world”. Our mission is to help you actually accomplish real goals that are important.  

Step 3: Establish a Plan 

Based on the vision and goals for your business, your CFO will create a plan that will actually help you meet your vision and goals.  

Every month, we’ll monitor important numbers (like sales, profit, and cash flow) and ensure that you on track to meet your plan. 

Throughout the entire process, we’ll strip away the noise and the confusion so that you don’t waste time on things that don’t matter – meaning they are not helping you accomplish your goals.  

Step 4: Monthly Meetings 

We’ll have a set meeting once a month where we’ll review your progress and help focus you on the two to three things you need to do that month to ensure that you are on track to meet your goals. 

We will also be available throughout the month to answer questions, bounce ideas off of, be an accountability partner or if you simply just need to talk. You’ll have your CFOs phone number and can call anytime during normal business hours. 

At all times you will be clear on exactly what steps to take. Again, we want your business to be a success. We will not rest until we get it there.  

We Focus On Your Entire Business...Not Just Finance

Many people think that CFOs focus just on numbers. 

It’s true. 

It’s true because everything your business does impacts profit (which is a number) in some way: sales, operations, payroll, branding, marketing, operations, payroll, HR, etc. 

Because everything in your business impacts profit we will help you work on your entire business. We will help you create systems in the following areas: 

1. Overall Strategy We’ll take your vision and help make it a reality. We’ll help you determine exactly what separates you from your competitors. We’ll help ensure that your entire team is aligned and there is no confusion as to the vision for your business. 

2. Financial Goals Of course, we’ll create specific and measureable goals for your business. However, we take it one step further and ensure that every single department, team, and employee has specific goals that they are responsible for. 

3. Leads / Prospects We’ll help you understand where and how to find leads (or prospects) for your business. You and your marketing team will never be confused again on where to spend money to ensure that you are making a positive ROI from your “marketing dollars” again. 

4. Sales Once you have a system for generating consistent leads or prospects we’ll help you create a plan to turn those leads into actual paying customers.

5. Product/Service Margin Improvement We will spend time going through each of your products and services to improve the Profit Margin on every single one. We’ll help you understand which products/services need improving so that you can be sure that every product and service is helping you meet your goals. 

6. Operations Once you’ve spent money generating customers you’ve got to service the customers in a way that is efficient and profitable. We’ll help you examine your entire operations to look for opportunities to become more efficient so that you can become more profitable.  

The Bottom Line:

We focus on results. We guarantee that the money that you pay us will be recouped in additional profit for your business.

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