The One Clear Path Framework
For accountants, bookkeepers, and CPAs... 
The Framework to Escape the Accountant's Trap
 Watch three short videos that reveal the missing framework you need to scale your practice by providing a CFO or business advisory service. 
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Just for accountants, CPAs, and bookkeepers, these three short videos will reveal a proven framework to provide a CFO or business advisory service that allows you to earn more while working less. We call it...The One Clear Path. 
Video 1
Use this framework scale your tax or bookkeeping practice.
Video 2
How to use the framework to get results for your clients.
Video 3
How to get started providing CFO/business advisory services.
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If you don't have a framework... won't be able to escape the Accountant's Trap.
 The trap is that to get paid more, accountants and bookkeepers must either (a) take on more clients or (b) work more hours.

This means that if you don't work more, you don't get paid more. However, with a CFO service, you're charging for your value - not the amount of time you work. won't be as effective.
 The goal of a CFO/business advisor is to guide a client towards having a successful business. A successful business is one that can generate consistent cash flow and can help the client hit their vision for their business. You must have a framework for accomplishing these two things.
...each client will feel like a part-time job.
 This is a recipe for burnout and low profitability for you. This is not the way to scale your practice nor is it a way to allow you to work less and be able to delegate more to your team.
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 Co-Founder of The CFO Project 
Adam Lean is a former accountant turned 2-time entrepreneur who built, scaled, and sold two businesses. While helping other business owners, he realized his passion was teaching and providing tools to business owners to help them make more money and have a peace-of-mind. | LinkedIn

 Co-Founder of The CFO Project 
Jeff Prager is a retired CPA, business owner, and entrepreneur for over 35 years. He's built multiple businesses into 7, 8, and 9-figure successes, including Ashworth Golf Clothing, and the second-largest privately-owned home builder in Colorado. His passion is helping business owners understand their numbers so they know how to have a better business. | LinkedIn

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