Episode 8: How to Raise Rates Without Losing Clients
Episode 8
How to Raise Rates Without Losing Clients
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In this episode of the "Escaping the Accountants Trap" podcast, join host Adam Lean and guest Loren Fogelman, author of "Get Paid While You're Worth," as they delve into the topic of raising rates without losing clients.

Accountants, CPAs, and bookkeepers often find themselves trapped in a cycle of low-paying, high-demand clients, unable to increase fees due to fierce competition. Loren shares her expertise and presents the "Raise Your Rates Formula," a five-step process to escape the trap and attract quality clients.

In this episode...
  • Learn how to communicate your value effectively, package your services strategically, implement value pricing, and master the art of consultation.
  • Discover the importance of understanding your clients' perspectives and needs, and how aligning your pricing and services accordingly can significantly boost your income without sacrificing clientele.

Don't miss this valuable discussion on breaking free from the accountant's trap and stepping into a more profitable future.

Loren has put together a free training where she'll show you how to make more money by working fewer hours. Click here to check it out.

Visit Loren's Website: https://www.businesssuccesssolution.com
 Highlights from this episode 
How to Price Your Services
Investing in the Client Relationship
Know Who Your Ideal Client Is
The Key to Scaling Your Rates
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