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If you're an Accountant, Bookkeeper, CPA, full-time CFO and/or Enrolled Agent, and...

...would like to 'escape the accountants trap' of trading time for money, then you're in the right place.

The CFO Project is a community made up of over 300 financial professionals who all have one mission: to grow their practices (and careers) through offering outsourced CFO and business advisory services.

Why The CFO Project?
Adam Lean
Jeff Prager


Hey there! We get asked all the time why we started The CFO Project. We started it, really to solve two major problems:

Problem #1: Business owners are failing at an alarming rate, and they don't have adequate help.

Problem #2: Accountants/bookkeepers are burnt out and are leaving the profession at an alarming rate.

Here's the story of how we sought to solve these two problems:

We both started our careers as accountants but quickly found ourselves burnt out with the idea of simply being the 'recorder of the past'. At the same time, we were bit by the 'entrepreneurial bug'.

So, we both started multiple businesses. However, somewhere along the path, we lost our way.

Jeff built one of the largest privately held home building companies in Colorado. Adam built one of the largest eCommerce stores in his industry.

Soon in our entrepreneurial journey, we both found ourselves overwhelmed, unsure of what to do to have a successful business (read: a profitable and cash flowing business), and anxiety got the best of us.

So...so, we turned to the very people in our lives that we thought could provide help:

Our accountant
Our spouse
Our friends
Our family
Our employees

We even reached out to business coaches and consultants.

But...we never got the real, true help we were searching for.

We were searching for someone that understood business strategy and understood financial strategy who could give us real, actionable advice.

Our accountants didn't have time to help us (nor were they getting paid to help us).

Our spouse, friends, and family were supportive but couldn't really provide help.

Our employees were not equipped to provide help.

And, as we quickly found out, most business coaches have a very limited understanding of financials and have no idea how the advice they give impacts cash flow.

So, we were stuck.

Through many sleepless nights, and many years later, we were able to build our respective businesses through sheer determination.

And, finally, we both sold our businesses.

So, for our next venture, we wanted to do something about the problem of business owners not getting real help.

So, independently, we both started a CFO/advisory firm to give business owners real help.

We wanted to give business owners a financial professional that:

  • They could trust.
  • To tell them what to do.
  • To have a growing and successful business.

Here's the thing - most businesses fail because the owner failed at generating consistent positive cash flow.

Why is that?

Well, cash flow is a financial concept, and most business owners are not financial people.

At the same time, accountants/bookkeepers are financial people but most of them are not providing the help that their clients want because they either don't have time or the know-how to do so.

So, in our CFO/advisory firm, we wanted to give business owners a financial professional that understood both business financial concepts and business strategy concepts.

What set us apart from other 'fractional CFOs' was that we did three things differently:

#1. We sold a 'productized CFO' service where we gave our clients a specific set of deliverables with an unambiguous fee structure.

#2. We spend an exorbitant amount of time helping our clients take action (rather than do what most CFOs do and just talk about numbers).

#3. We created systems for everything. Systems to get leads, systems to convert those leads to paying clients, and systems to provide a CFO/advisory service that got results.

And, so, our firms took off.

We had more business than we knew what to do with.

Well, a few years later, we met and decided to merge our firms and combine the best of both of our methodologies.

We perfected our systems. We perfected client acquisition. We perfected client management.

Our clients loved us. We got referrals.

And...we quickly got to capacity.

So, we had a decision to make. We could expand our CFO/advisory firm.

But, we thought, why don't we teach our methodologies to other financial professionals so they can help their clients have the same success our clients had.

Thus, The CFO Project was born.

Today, The CFO Project is a community made up of over 300 financial professionals who all have one mission: to grow their practices (and careers) through offering outsourced CFO and business advisory services.

In our community, we teach our proven systems as well as provide resources, tools, and support through trainings, Masterclasses, Roundtables, forums, a resource library, and more.

If you'd like to learn more about our community, click here.

If you have any questions for Adam or Jeff, feel free to email us or connect with us on LinkedIn.

Thanks for visiting!
Adam & Jeff

Adam Lean

Jeff Prager
Front Office Team

Adam Lean
Jacksonville, FL

Anne Marie Roylance
Partnership Manager
Chicago, IL

Brad Ball | Director of Sales
Alberta, Canada

Dave Knee | Office Coordinator
Pittsburg, PA

Ian Darwin | Sales Executive
Pittsburg, PA

Jeff Prager | Chairman/Co-Founder
Denver, CO

Ryan Kimler | Community Manager
St. Louis, MO

Training Team

Adam L.

Amanda M.

Becky L.

Christina G.

Jeff P.

Ryan K.

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A podcast to help accountants, CPAs and bookkeepers escape what we call the accountant's trap - where the only way to get paid more is to work more hours or take on more low-value and high-demanding clients.

On each episode we'll discuss strategies and tips that financial professionals can use to grow a practice of their dreams so they can finally escape the accountant's trap.

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"Using the systems that The CFO Project equipped me with, I reduced my workload by 75% (not even kidding) and I increased my income by 50%.

This program has changed my life."

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Becky L.
Dallas, TX
“Since joining The CFO Project, it took me only 8 months to leave my day job. And, in 2 and half months since leaving my day job I’ve already doubled what I was making”
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Ryan K.
St. Louis, MO
"I've been part of many groups, I've NEVER seen the success I've seen with The CFO Project. In less than 6 months I've added more than $100K in contracts."
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Jemel S.
Douglasville, GA
“The CFO Project is really extraordinary. There isn't anything I need that you haven't already thought of. Your training is comprehensive and straightforward. The templates, ranging from workshops to email scripts, are incredibly useful.”
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Julie P.
Mt. Pleasant, SC
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