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For business owners...

Finally, know how to have a growing and more profitable business.

Join our 8 month program and get your own CFO/Business Advisor to help you transform your business so that you'll make more money.
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Take home more money.

Finally have clear direction.

Enjoy your business again.

There are five challenges facing most businesses...

Challenge #1: The business relies on the owner or it all falls apart

If you're "wearing all the hats" - even hats you don't want to be wearing - you'll never be able to have a scalable business that can run without you.

We help you figure out how to have a self-sustaining business without having to work harder and longer hours in the business.

Challenge #2: The business owner is battling a Catch-22 situation

Here's the Catch-22: You can't grow your business without more money. But, you can't get more money without growing your business.

We help you make more money from your business so that you can re-invest it back into your business and take home more money.

Challenge #3: The business owner doesn't have a simple way to know what's working and what's not in their business

The typical financial reports are down-right confusing. That's because they're made for accountants - not business owners.

Plus, the typical 'numbers people' in your life (like your accountant and bookkeeper) are not getting paid to help you understand how to grow your business. They're getting paid to record the past correctly.

You need a dead-simple way to understand the financial health of your business and to know what to do to improve.

We'll build a 'scoreboard' for you so you'll never be confused as to the financial state of your business again.

Challenge #4: The business owner does not have clear and measurable goals

How do you know if you're making progress in your business if you don't know where you want to end up?

Specifically, you need to have clear goals for things like revenue, profit, the amount of cash in the bank, and the amount of cash you take home.

You need to establish clear goals for what you want out of your business so you know which direction to head.

Otherwise, running your business is like getting in the car and driving without having a clear destination. You'll waste a lot of gas and a lot of time.

Challenge #5: The business owner does not have clear direction

There are thousands of things you could be doing each day in your business...

...but only a handful that will actually make a difference on what truly matters: revenue, profit, your bank account, and your take home pay.

You need someone that you trust to give you a plan on what to do to hit your goals.

That's what we do: we are business financial experts who will give you a plan for you to have a growing and more profitable business.

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Our 8 Month Program

You'll get paired with one of our CFO/Business Advisors who, for 8 months, will help you...

Create a financial strategy to ensure that your business is (and stays) financially on track to make more money

Create an 'Action Plan' so that you (and your team) will know exactly what to focus on to have a more profitable business

Finally understand the financial health of your business (and, more importantly, what to do about it)

Have someone to be your 'go-to' financial guide. You'll no longer be in this by yourself.

We'll meet two times during the first month (virtually via Zoom) and then once a month for 8 months.

This is not a group program. You get your own dedicated CFO to meet with on a regular basis.

We consider a 'project' a success if you're on track to make more money (and take home more money) this year than you did the last three years combined.

The One Clear Path

Over the course of 8 months, your CFO will lead you through a clear path - a proven system we've developed.

 system is designed to help you have a growing and more profitable business without stress and overwhelm.

In the first set of steps (bottom row) we'll, first, help you understand what is helping and what is hurting your efforts at making money.

In the second set of steps (middle row) we'll help you set clear and measurable targets so that you can experience major growth.

In the third set of steps (top row) we'll help you figure out how to hit your targets.

The entire point is for you to go from Point A (having a business that's far from where you'd like) to...

Point B (having a very profitable business that allows you to take home more money).

Why You Should Join

Own your business instead of being the business
We'll help you figure out how to remove yourself from 'being the business' to 'owning the business'.

Get clear direction
Know exactly what you and your team should be focused on in order to have a more profitable and financially healthy business.

Increase your take home pay
As the owner, you should be taking home more money. We'll help you figure out how to do that.

Have a go-to financial guide
You'll have unlimited access to your CFO to help you solve any challenge and to bounce ideas off of.

Remember, we consider a 'project' a success if you're on track to make more money (and take home more money) this year than you did the last three years combined.
Our Team

Jeff Prager (left) and Adam Lean (right) are the Co-Founders of The CFO Project. They are passionate about helping business owners have a better business and be better business owners. They're mission is to help 10,000 business owners make more money. They founded The CFO Project to help as many business owners as they can make more money.

Jeff has been a CPA, business owner, and entrepreneur for over 35 years. He's built multiple businesses into 7, 8, and 9-figure successes, including Ashworth Golf Clothing, and the second largest privately-owned homebuilder in Colorado. His passion is helping business owners understand their numbers so they know how to have a better business.

Adam is a former accountant turned 3-time entrepreneur who built, scaled, and sold multiple businesses. While helping other business owners he realized his passion was teaching and providing tools to business owners to help them make more money and have a peace-of-mind.

CFO/Business Advisors
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The Book

We've, literally, written the book on how to make more money. This book contains a dead-simple way to know how to make more money from your business.

It includes an easy 5-step plan for bringing home more cash and should take you less than 2 hours to read.

Finally have someone you trust to help you have a growing and more profitable business.

"Getting your help was one of the best things that ever happened to my business".

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