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Join other small business owners who've already gained a peace of mind.

The CFO Project provides business owners with a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) to meet with on a regular basis to ensure that your business becomes - and remains - financially okay.

Start getting a peace of mind in knowing that someone is helping you build a financially stable business.

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"Since we've started I have a better business."

Gerry B., Owner of a Custom Sign and Banner Business

How This Works

Getting Started


Get a Business Assessment

Before you pay us a dime, we'll meet you via video chat and do an assessment on your business where we'll spot any red flags and opportunities for growth. 

We Match You With a CFO

Based on the assessment we'll match you with one of our CFOs that has the relevant experience and background that you need. 

Gain a peace-of-mind

You and your CFO will get started immediately. They'll get to know you, your business, and the vision for your business.

Working With Your CFO

Your Own CFO

Once you're matched with a CFO you will work with the same CFO the entire time. Your CFO will get to know you, your business, and will be a trusted confidant.

Set Goals and a Plan

One of the first things we'll do is understand your vision for your business and set specific goals around the vision. We'll then help you develop a plan to actually accomplish your vision.

Business Health

Every month, your CFO will send you a clear and easy-to-understand dashboard on your businesses' health that makes it clear on what, exactly, needs to be worked on to grow your business.

Monthly Meetings

You and your CFO will have a set monthly meeting every month via video chat where you will talk out any issues, strategize on growth, and help you understand exactly what to focus on that month.

Unlimited Access

You can call or email your CFO anytime. Our goal is to help improve your business so we will be available for you anytime you need us.

90-Day Guarantee

If you don't see any benefits with working with us within the first 90 days we'll give you a full refund and part as friends.

"My CFO is specific and intentional. He has armed us with several valuable tools that helps us plan and strengthen our company and our finances. He is also kind and a pleasure to work with."

Julie M., Owner of a Workshop and Productivity Coaching Business

Our CFOs

Imagine having a someone to talk to that takes the time to actually understand you, understand your business, and understand where you want your business to go.

Also imagine that this person has the experience and knowledge of the "numbers" and "business-side" of small business and will take the time to ensure that your business is financially okay.

This is what our CFOs provide. 

We're not like the typical CFO. We don't wear suits. We don't use "financial" jargon.

We're real people, who happen to understand business and numbers. We want to help real business owners make themselves and their business a success.

All of our CFOs…

  • Have a heart of a teacher and coach

    We’re friendly, approachable, and, most of all, we care about the success of you and your business.

  • Have experience helping small businesses of every size

    We focus on small businesses only. Our average client has annual sales of $250k.

  • Are results focused

    We measure success by helping you get more profit and more cash flow.

  • Help you truly understand your buisness

    We make the financials of your business clear and easy-to-understand so you know exactly what to focus on.


"Since working with my CFO we've been able to figure out how to not only stabilize our cash flow but improve it. I highly recommend any business owner to The CFO Project."

Jeremiah S., Owner of a Digital Marketing Agency

About Us

Hey! My name is Adam and I am the founder of The CFO Project. Twelve years ago I became an accountant. However, I quickly realized that I was meant to own my own business.

So, I started a business. Things were going well at first...

However, things quickly went downhill. I was running 90mph but never really felt like I was making progress.

I lied awake at night wondering what was going on. I was scared and afraid.

What frustrated me was that I didn't know why. What frustrated me even more was that I didn't have anyone to turn to that could give me real help on an on-going basis to help me have a successful business.

Fast forward a few years and I started The CFO Project to do just that. We give business owners someone that has a heart of a coach but with (and this is key) the knowledge of a CFO. 

Our mission, with every client, is to give every business owner we work with a peace of mind.


"Over the course of running my business I have tried to solve problem after problem on my own. With little guidance or direction I mostly just kept kicking the can down the road and remained in 'survival mode'. Then, I found The CFO Project. My CFO is a game changer and a must have for any business that wants to have drastic improvement!"

David T., Owner of a Mortgage Brokerage Business