We help improve the profit of small businesses.

We give small business owners the power of having their own CFO to help them fix and grow their business…at one affordable flat fee per month.


Every business needs a CFO

A ‘Chief Financial Officer’ has one main job: to ensure that the business is improving it’s profit and cash flow.
We give small business owners the ability to have someone do this for them.


If you are like most business owners you feel a tension between two things:

You felt like you were called to own a business and you feel overwhelmed, stressed, and want to give up on a regular basis.

You are not alone. Many business owners are struggling with this.

That is why we started The CFO Project.  We wanted to connect real, down-to-earth CFOs with real, down-to-earth business owners to give business owners a peace of mind.

Owning a business is hard. Owning a business is downright difficult if you are doing it by yourself.

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Accomplish big goals

    We assist you in establishing AND accomplishing big goals for your business

  • Help you understand your business

    We make your business financials clear – in easy to understand language – so you can make sound financial decisions

  • We help you improve what matters

    We focus you on how you can improve sales, profit, and cash flow

  • We are there for you

    We are there to answer any questions, bounce ideas off of, be an accountability partner, and a trusted advisor

Bottom Line: Our main goal is to help you improve your business.


Here’s how it works


1. Your own CFO

You will get your own CFO (who has a ‘heart of a teacher’) who will get to know you and your business.

2. Establish big goals

You and your CFO will establish goals for the business. Your CFO will monitor your financials going forward.

3. Always improving

You will meet with your CFO once a month and discuss strategy on improving your business.

You will get this for one flat monthly fee per month.

Next step

Want to learn more about letting us help you improve your business? Get a free 30 minute consultation with a CFO.

Here’s what we will do on our call together:

  • We will learn more about you and your business
  • We will answer common questions most people have about our service (e.g. how much this service costs)
  • You will learn more about us and be able to ask questions
  • And, as our gift to you – we will give you performance metrics on your specific industry and show how you compare (a $150 value)
Yes! I want a 30 minute consultation


An accountants main job is to record what happened in the past. A CFO’s job is to ensure that the business is profitable in the future.

A CFO uses the reports that an accountant (or bookkeeper) prepares to help you improve the business.

All of our sessions are remote. Either phone call or video chat. 

Unless, however, if you are in Columbia, SC we would love to meet with you in person.

We are a remote team. Our main office is in Columbia, SC but our CFOs are located all over the United States.

Probably not. We specialize in businesses that are making between $250k and $2.5m in annual sales.

The best thing to do is get on a call with us to see if we are the right fit.

You can call us at (803) 638-8020.

You can also fill out the chat box at the bottom right of our site.

We love talking with small business owners.