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Every business is like a machine that produces cash. How’s your ‘machine’ doing?

If you think about it, every business is like a machine that is supposed to produce cash.

This is cash for you – the owner – after all debt payments and bills are covered.

Some machines produce a lot of cash. 

However, too many machines are barely limping along, therefore producing a small amount of cash.

And, yet, some are not producing any cash at all

…in fact, in many cases, the business owner is going into debt to keep their machine alive.

Here’s the problem – businesses fail everyday due to a lack of one thing: Financial Management

Those businesses failed not because of a lack of passion or lack of hard work…

…they failed because the owner lacked critical financial management knowledge.



3 reasons why businesses struggle

Business owners struggle for three main reasons – and they all have to do with financial management.

Reason #1: They don’t know their numbers

They don’t know if they are making money, losing money, or breaking even.

Reason #2: They don’t know how to interpret those numbers and use them to systematically grow their business

It’s like playing a game without knowing the score. It’s impossible to strategize. It’s impossible to know what to do to win.

Reason #3: They are an expert at their craft – not in business financials

Business owners are usually experts in what the business does – not experts in business financials. A businesses’ job, however, is to produce cash – which is a ‘financial’. Businesses need someone who understands how to influence that.



The solution

Big businesses have CFOs (Chief Financial Officers) to help the business know their numbers and to help business owner grow the business.

We provide this same type of help for small business owners.

You’ll get a CFO (a business financial coach) who will help you grow your business so that you can focus on what you do best.

Your CFO will help you set a strategy for improving your business and help you grow sales, reduce costs, and improve your profit.

You’ll finally have someone to talk to that ‘gets it’ and is there to help you.


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About us

Hey! My name is Adam Lean and I founded The CFO Project to help business owners.

Every business needs a CFO. But there’s a reason why big businesses are only the ones that have them – because they can afford them.

The problem is, the businesses that need the guidance of a CFO the most are small businesses. Small business owners typically have to wear many hats and it’s really difficult to be good at all of the different roles.

A CFO will help you figure out the areas in your business that need to be adjusted so that you can grow profit and cash.

So, we’ve developed a system for giving small business owners the benefit of having a CFO at a price they can afford.

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Does this sound like you?

  • You are working hard but not seeing much results

  • You feel like you own a stressful job instead of a successful business

  • Debt is rising and less cash is in the bank than ever

  • You don’t feel like you can take a vacation

  • You feel frustrated because you know something is wrong but you can’t put your finger on it

  • You have no one to talk to that actually ‘gets it’

  • You’re overwhelmed with running the day-to-day that you have no time to actually grow the business

  • You want to sell your business one day but not sure if it will be worth much