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Do you struggle with making your business successful?


Do you feel stuck not knowing the next steps to take to have a successful business?


Do the "financials" make your brain hurt?


Are you struggling with profitability and cash flow?

You need a plan

We are small business financial experts who will give you a clear plan-of-action on a monthly basis so that:


Your business becomes, and remains, financially strong;


You know exactly what to focus on each month;


Your time can be spent by focusing only on the most important things.

Our process works for any industry

Some of the types of businesses we've helped:


Sign and banner shop
Promotional products business
A digital marketing agency
General contractor
Tiny house designer
eCommerce store
Sporting goods distributor
Residential and commercial cleaning business
Author and workshop developer
IT agency
Mortgage brokerage
Food truck
Course creator and facilitator
Custom iron welding shop

Roofing business
Chimney sweep business
Hardscape and waterfall design
Mitigation and restoration business
HR and recruiting firm
Private investigator agency
Elderly home care and transportation business
Colonoscopy doctor's office
Footwear manufacturer
Architect firm
Generator rental business
Custom woodworking business
Pest exterminating business
Port-a-john rental business


If your goal is to make a profit, you need a plan. 

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Top 3 Reasons Why Businesses Fail

Half of all businesses go out of business within the first five years and there's a few reasons why.

We'll show you the reasons and how you can avoid it happening to in your business.

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"Since we've started I have a better business"

Gerry B - Custom Sign Shop Owner


Make Better Decisions

Get insights into your business so that you'll be able to make sound business decisions.


Grow Your Business

Everything we do is centered around growing the profitability and cash flow of your small business.


Focus on What Matters

You'll know the most important things that you and your team should be working on every single month.

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Why The CFO Project?


You are an expert at your craft. You must stay focused on what you do best. However, someone needs to be looking out for your financial well-being.

Big businesses have Chief Financial Officers to do that. We believe passionate and hard-working business owners ought to have the same type of help.

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"You've helped my business so much."

David T - Mortgage Brokerage Owner

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Our process is designed to pay for itself in the form of more profit.


You'll be able to contact your CFO anytime for questions and clarifications.

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