Why Choose The CFO Project
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Why Choose The CFO Project?
The CFO Project is a done-with-you mentorship program that guides you to start your own CFO Advisory service.

See below as to why you should choose The CFO Project.
 Included in The CFO Project Membership 
Marketing System
You'll get a complete system to confidently find great leads (business owners who want a CFO Advisory service,) without needing to cold call, pay for ads, or rely on social media.
Sales System
We'll show you how to systematically convert leads (either existing tax/bookkeeping clients or new leads) into advisory clients paying at least $1,500 per month per client. The average member of The CFO Project is earning approximately $1,956 per client per month.
Turn-Key CFO Advisory System
We'll train you on a proven system you can use to provide a CFO Advisory service that gets results for your clients. Never again be lost on what to do to help a client grow their business.

This system, called The One Clear Path, is one path to take for all of your clients to help them have a growing and more profitable business.
We're Not Just Trainers, We're Practitioners
Everything we teach is based on years (sometimes decades) worth of experience in the field. All methods to get clients and to service clients have been carefully built, tested in the field and have proven to work by the founders, mentors and members in the program.

We want you to get results and so we only teach what has proven to get results. No theory allowed in our program.
Done-With-You Mentorship
This is not just a course - this is a mentorship program because you will be trained and mentored by our team of mentors.

We currently have about a 23:1 member to mentor ratio. This means that if you need personalized help, you'll receive it.

You'll also have access to private one-to-one help as well as access to attend our Office Hours with the leadership team.
We've Been Around a While
The CFO Project (the done-with-you mentorship program) has been around for almost five years and we've had over 800 financial professionals go through the program.

Plus, the founders and mentors have combined CFO Advisory experience over 75 years. We know what we're doing.
Weekly Mastermind Group
You'll belong to your own Mastermind group (called the CFO Roundtable) made up of a handful of other members and led by a Certified Mentor.

In each CFO Roundtable, you'll be able to get your challenges solved, share wins, and hold each other accountable. This is where you'll be able to form friendships and bonds with other financial professionals who are also building a CFO Advisory service.
Ready Made Templates
As a member, you'll get unlimited access to our entire library of templates to help you get and serve CFO Advisory clients.

We have templates for selling to prospects (sales presentations, onboarding new clients, client agreement and payment form) as well as templates for providing a high-quality CFO Advisory service to your clients (target setting, forecasting, financial analysis, scoreboard, action plan and more).
Unlimited Access to the Knowledge Base
You'll get unlimited access to our searchable knowledge base that contains step-by-step guides, articles, and other resources to help you start and grow your CFO Advisory service.
Access an Elite Group of Financial Professionals
All members get unlimited access to our private online portal that we call The CFO Hub. This portal also contains a robust forum where all 400+ members plus our team of over 15 mentors share resources and discuss various topics related to being a CFO Advisor.
Get Certified as a Certified CFO™
You'll have the opportunity to become a Certified CFO upon completing certain requirements. This will signify that you have command over how to get CFO Advisory clients as well as how to provide a high-quality CFO Advisory service to your clients.
Live Monthly Masterclasses
Each month, we conduct a live Masterclass where we take a deep dive into a particular topic to help all members become a better CFO Advisor and own better CFO Advisory practices. Each training is recorded and is available in the Resource Library.

Plus, each training is eligible for 1.0 CPE credit as The CFO Project is approved by NASBA.
100% Money Back Guarantee
We are guaranteeing you your first three CFO Advisory clients within your first twelve months of membership. As long as you follow our instructions, you are guaranteed to get at least three CFO Advisory clients or you get your money back.
No Upsells
Once you're in, you're in. There's no upsells or additional fees needed for additional coaching, resources or tools.
No Revenue Share
We'll train and mentor you to get your own clients. They are 100% yours - no revenue share.
No Paying for Ads
We do not recommend paying for ads because, well, they simply don't work for CFO Advisory services. We've tested it. However, we will show you what does work so you can get clients.
No 'Fend for Yourselves' Mentality
We've been a part of 'coaching-style' groups that, once you pay, you join a Facebook Group and the only people available to help are other people taking the course (who also don't know what they're doing). We hate that and we bet you do to. You'll get supported by a team of mentors and the leadership team that will give you personalized help. We want you to get results.
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"Using the systems that The CFO Project equipped me with, I reduced my workload by 75% (not even kidding) and I increased my income by 50%. This program has changed my life."

Becky L.
Dallas, TX

"I've been part of many groups, I've NEVER seen the success I've seen with The CFO Project. In less than 6 months I've added more than $100K in contracts. Hands down the best program I've joined this decade."

Jemel S.
Douglasville, GA

“The CFO Project is really extraordinary. There isn't anything I need that you haven't already thought of. Your training is comprehensive and straightforward. The templates, ranging from workshops to email scripts, are incredibly useful.”

Julie P.
Mt. Pleasant, SC

“This is the first program where I've enjoyed every minute of interaction. It gave me a huge boost in confidence.”

Jeffrey D.
Victoria, BC

"I've been apart of many group coaching/learning programs and this one has been the most comprehensive. You've finally cracked the code on how to actually sell and deliver CFO services."

Jasmine R.
Landover, MD

"Joining The CFO Project has worked better than I could have anticipated. I already have 3 CFO clients!"

Sophie P.
Nashville, TN

“Since joining The CFO Project, it took me only 8 months to leave my day job. And, in 2 and half months since leaving my day job I’ve already doubled what I was making”

Ryan K.
St. Louis, MO

"I would have joined The CFO Project years ago if I'd known about it."

Wendy M.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"The CFO Project trainings have been awesome! The community is extremely supportive, encouraging and helpful."

Angeleen H.
San Diego, CA

"I am greatly enjoying the Roundtables and Masterclasses - a wealth of information and support! I use the CFO Hub and the courses for inspiration and encouragement when fear/paralysis sets it. It helps me keep on keeping on!"

Connie B.
Missoula, MT

"I've recovered my investment many times over within the first six months."

Anthony V.
Newark, NJ

"There is more need than there are CFOs out there.

Fred P.
Surprise, AZ

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