Episode 28: How to Transform Your Accounting Practice Into an Accounting Business
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Episode 28
How to Transform Your Accounting Practice Into an Accounting Business
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Welcome to this dynamic episode of Escaping the Accountant's Trap, your go-to resource for accountants, CPAs, and bookkeepers seeking liberation from the "accountant's trap" where their expertise goes undervalued, and their hard work yields meager returns.

Today, we've got an exciting episode in store where we unravel the key to breaking free from this predicament - transitioning your practice into a thriving business. Our special guest, Martin Bissett, an esteemed advisor to accountants, will be your guide on this transformative journey. In this episode, we venture into the distinction between an accounting practice and a full-fledged accounting business.

Many start with an accounting practice, trading hours for money and grappling with pricing and profitability concerns. But there's a powerful shift awaiting those who dare to dream big. Martin Bissett reveals that ambition is the game-changer. Accounting businesses are on a mission to excel, grow, and gain financial independence. They build structures and leadership roles, moving away from the traditional time-based model.

This episode serves as a beacon, inspiring accountants to harness ambition, step boldly out of the accountant's trap, and embark on a transformational journey.

Visit Martin's Website: https://bissettgroup.com
 Highlights from this episode 
Why are "Jobs" so Prevalent
How Most CPAs Build Jobs not Businesses
Burt Reynolds & Your Accounting Firm
Why Martin Chose to Start His Community
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