Episode 5: How to Increase The Value of Your Firm
Episode 5
How to Increase The Value of Your Firm
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Welcome to the Escaping the Accountant’s Trap podcast. It’s a podcast to help accountants, CPAs and bookkeepers escape what we call the accountant’s trap – it’s where you’re stuck working with low-value and high-demanding clients but, at the same time, can’t raise your fees because you have a ton of competition.

Well…how do you escape the trap? One way is the topic of this episode and that’s increasing the value of your firm.

To help me with the discussion, I’ve invited Christine Nicholson – an award-winning professional business mentor, author and speaker who has helped businesses for over 30 years. She’s an accountant but specializes in exit and succession planner for accountants.

You can find her book, Sell It!, on Amazon (click here).

You can also learn more about how Christine and her team can help you at https://www.businessmentoruk.com.

You can reach out to Christine on LinkedIn here.

 Highlights from this episode 
Do you have a job or a machine?
The function of every business
Treat your business like a machine
What to look for in a new hire
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