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Success Stories
See reviews and testimonials from our members about their experience in The CFO Project.
"Using the systems that The CFO Project equipped me with, I reduced my workload by 75% (not even kidding) and I increased my income by 50%. This program has changed my life."

Becky L.
Dallas, TX

"I've been part of many groups, I've NEVER seen the success I've seen with The CFO Project. In less than 6 months I've added more than $100K in contracts. Hands down the best program I've joined this decade."

Jemel S.
Douglasville, GA

“The CFO Project is really extraordinary. There isn't anything I need that you haven't already thought of. Your training is comprehensive and straightforward. The templates, ranging from workshops to email scripts, are incredibly useful.”

Julie P.
Mt. Pleasant, SC

“This is the first program where I've enjoyed every minute of interaction. It gave me a huge boost in confidence.”

Jeffrey D.
Victoria, BC

"I've been apart of many group coaching/learning programs and this one has been the most comprehensive. You've finally cracked the code on how to actually sell and deliver CFO services."

Jasmine R.
Landover, MD

"Joining The CFO Project has worked better than I could have anticipated. I already have 3 CFO clients!"

Sophie P.
Nashville, TN

“Since joining The CFO Project, it took me only 8 months to leave my day job. And, in 2 and half months since leaving my day job I’ve already doubled what I was making”

Ryan K.
St. Louis, MO

"I would have joined The CFO Project years ago if I'd known about it."

Wendy M.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"The CFO Project trainings have been awesome! The community is extremely supportive, encouraging and helpful."

Angeleen H.
San Diego, CA

"I am greatly enjoying the Roundtables and Masterclasses - a wealth of information and support! I use the CFO Hub and the courses for inspiration and encouragement when fear/paralysis sets it. It helps me keep on keeping on!"

Connie B.
Missoula, MT

"I've recovered my investment many times over within the first six months."

Anthony V.
Newark, NJ

"There is more need than there are CFOs out there.

Fred P.
Surprise, AZ

"Since joining The CFO Project, I sold off the bulk of my tax practice and am just focusing on my CFO clients. I am now in line to make the most that I have ever made in my life this year."

Joel S.
Walnut Creek, CA

"When I find something good, I want to share it with everyone! Finding The CFO Project has been a game-changer (LIFE-changer) for me."

Lacey H.
Peachtree City, GA

"The CFO Project has been an amazing launching pad for starting my own business. I've gone from "how can I help you" to "here's how we help you" thanks to the process they teach to guide a business owner to their goals. This has resulted in a 3x growth in my effective rate over traditional hourly billing I've used in the past when doing consulting work. Last but not least, the community aspect is almost priceless, we're all here to help each other grow."

Bruce B.
Alpharetta, GA

“I went from a career working for someone else to a career helping small businesses grow and become more profitable…in just six months.

The program makes it easy to learn and to apply the principles that drive small businesses and to help the owner to perform and feel like a CEO.

I could not have done it without The CFO Project.”

Michael S.
Lakeville, MN

"I had already been doing CFO/advisory services and joined so I could learn how to streamline and market those services as I grow out this part of our practice as well as collaborate with other professionals doing the same thing. This program is exceeding expectations. I am finding the Roundtables to be extremely valuable and they are fun to attend. I feel like I will be a better CFO and see more success for my clients using the One Clear Path and monthly meeting format."

Deborah M.
Encinitas, CA

"The training and systems have definitely helped me close more clients and increase my rates. I can't say enough about the high level of support that this program provides."

Rocky L.
Harrisburg, PA

"I am getting so much more out of this program than I anticipated. The networking and meeting people in my field in my Roundtable have been HUGE. I have been applying the training not just to my accounting business buy my real estate practice and farm business as well."

Steve M.
Midland, VA

"The CFO Project has so much solid, relevant information. I appreciate the Roundtables and the experiences that the other members share. The practical discussions help us all to visualize moving through the process. My time in the program has definitely been high-quality."

Lynn M.
Fort Myers, FL

"Beginning with the initial “Right Fit” meeting, through the on-boarding process, joining the community, participating in the Roundtables, going through the training, the feedback and support was and is unmatched to anything I have been involved in. The founders of this group, Adam and Jeff, both walk the talk. They both genuinely care about their member’s success and they back it up with tons of value. I guess you could say I have been converted to a raving fan."

Michael B.
Dallas, TX

"I am so excited to say that I am a Certified CFO. Almost as exciting as getting my first client. Pretty close feeling. Thank you guys.

I love this community."

Maria C.
Oro Valley, AZ

"I’ve signed 3 CFO clients in the last week, and I’m just getting started. I took a few months to lay the ground work, and it’s paying dividends. Many thanks to everyone at The CFO Project. It’s all brilliant.

Todd D.
Cedar City, UT

“I firmly and wholeheartedly endorse The CFO Project. I think it is a wonderful training opportunity and apparatus. The information that you will learn is not information you can’t use; everything I’ve learned is sharpening my toolkit and it made me a better financial manager.”

Antwan H.
San Antonio, TX

“The resources are invaluable. I’m frequently surprised by the number of resources that get added and incredibly grateful because the value of each of these resources significantly improves the value both I can present to potential clients and can present to my current clients.”

Holly S.
Princeton, NJ

"I couldn't be happier with my decision to join the program. I previously felt like I was alone trying to figure everything out myself (after leaving a big firm with lots of resources) and now I feel like I'm connected again and have a support system in place.

You have provided many times over the value I expected, and it doesn't stop.... new service offerings, masterclasses, office hours. It's really, really impressive and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else."

Ryan M.
Maple Grove, MN

"I love the simplicity of how you present the information (I also like how you repeat things for those of us who may be slow learners.).

The resources you've provided will save me hundreds of hours creating my own from scratch. No kidding."

Bill H.
St. Louis, MO

"I got a $100M manufacturing client. contract signed for $12,000 per month. It's the very first client since I started The CFO Project. I follow all the things you taught, and it works! Now I have finally gone through the whole cycle from pitching to closing deal."

Joan Z.
Miami, FL

"This is the most amazing group that I've been a part of. It's jam packed with value."

Donna H.
Shady Cove, OR

"The CFO Project literally has been a life changing for me. I have two CFO clients and working towards another four to add an additional $100k to my practice."

Jeremy T.
Lewisburg, WV

"I just had a meeting with a legacy advisory client who we are transitioning to The CFO Project service model.  I showed them a Scoreboard and Action Plan for this month and they were really excited.  And I'm excited about getting them on this streamlined model that's going to save me time every month Thank you The CFO Project!"

Chad S.
Vancouver, WA

"I am so grateful for this program. I absolutely love it and the community I have here. This is something that will change my life."

Nicole B.
Phoenix, AZ

"As I predicted, The CFO Project is changing my life and I am beyond busy. I am on track to double my gross revenue this year.  And there are still several clients that are out there I could approach.  Before I found The CFO Project, I was stuck at the same number every year.  Now the doors are open and I see so much opportunity.  Truly thankful beyond words."

Karen K.
Dublin, OH

Video Testimonials
See what our members have to say in their own words...
Wendy disliked being bogged down with transaction work. And, although she was providing consulting services already, she didn't have an organized method for providing the results her clients wanted. 
Sophie says that joining The CFO Project has worked better than she could have anticipated. She's already landed 3 CFO clients and is well on her way to overcoming her "impostor syndrome".
Kelben had an accounting practice where he found himself on a hamster wheel that left little time for his family and other interests. Now, he's excited about his career again because he has a way to deliver value to his clients.
Sandy said joining The CFO Project was one of the best decisions she's ever made. She loves the "tremendous wealth of knowledge and support that I can't even describe".
Before joining, Anthony didn't know how to "package his services". Plus, he wanted a way to get more involved with his clients' businesses and not have to do taxes all day.
Janu was getting bored doing compliance work as a bookkeeper. Since joining, her confidence level around finance has drastically increased.
Ron had a "volume driven" tax practice where the only way to increase revenue was getting more and more clients. He started searching for a way out and found The CFO Project.
Rocky got his first CFO client within 60 days of joining at $12k/year. Now he charges double that. He enjoys having systems and tools to evaluate his clients' businesses and help them improve.
Becky was able to reduce her workload by 75% and increase her income by 50% using the systems provided by The CFO Project.
Jeff wanted to get out of the rat race of his corporate finance job but didn't have the framework or the know-how to go out on his own. The CFO Project was his path to get out of his day job and work for himself full time.
Joe is a partner in a traditional accounting form that was grinding through 1,500 tax returns each year. The CFO Project has allowed his firm to re-distribute both the revenue and workflow throughout the year. His goal is to add $500k in annual billings from just CFO/business advisory services.
Claudia owned a bookkeeping practice but saw that her clients really wanted a service that provided business advice. The CFO Project has allowed Claudia to be more confident in providing these services.
Chris owned a tax compliance practice, however, he wanted a way to be able to help his clients improve profit and cash flow rather than just focus on compliance.
Pierre felt like he was "chasing squirrels" with his tax practice. Plus, he knew he wasn't providing the value that his clients really needed. Now, he has a system to provide real help to his clients.
Joel built his business on the idea that he was a "cheap CPA", however, it was tough to grow. The CFO Project has given him a clear path to a growing and more profitable business.
Since joining The CFO Project, Sanjay has been able to add "high margin" CFOs services to his tax practice. He says that his CFO clients never miss a meeting because they enjoy the service so much.
Bruce was able to leave his full-time finance job and start his own CFO/business advisory practice. The CFO Project gave him a framework for how to get clients and help his clients succeed. He's been able to add 1 to 2 new clients a month.
Ryan owned a bookkeeping and tax prep business but knew he needed to differentiate himself and provide a service that helped his clients make "data driven decisions". He was able to accomplish this with The CFO Project.
Melissa was able to convert one of our "project-based" clients into a strong recurring-relationship where she finally considers herself a "partner" with her client offering real value.
Holly started her practice providing bookkeeping services; however, she was frustrated that it didn't fully utilize her skillset. At the same time, she didn't have the tools she needed to provide CFO/advisory services. The CFO Project gave her a framework to use.
Walter's earnings have increased three-fold and he's able to work much less (around 20 hours a week) which allows him to travel a lot more. He's delegated his tax/bookkeeping clients to his staff and he spends his time on just his CFO clients.
Kristen was thinking about selling her bookkeeping practice when she joined The CFO Project. After going through the training and when she started offering advisory services, the passion for her business came back.
Karen talks about how she values the fact that offering advisory services allows her to provide a service at her pace and at her schedule and not be at the mercy of deadlines or the government (or clients).
Deborah now has a clear answer for when someone ask her what her "CFO" services entails. She's since been able to convert existing clients to CFO/advisory services.
Member Wins

Below are screenshots from actual member "wins" they've reported in the program.

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