Episode 10: Freeing Accountants from an Oppressive Business Model
Episode 10
Freeing Accountants from an Oppressive Business Model
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Join Adam Lean and special guest Eric "The Viking" Solbakken on this exciting episode of Escaping the Accountant's Trap Podcast.

In this eye-opening discussion, Eric shares his expertise as a CPA speaker, business advisor, and creator of the Accountant Success Formula. Together, they reveal how accountants can break free from an oppressive business model and regain control of their careers. Are you tired of working with low-value, high-demanding clients while being stuck in a cycle of low fees due to intense competition? If so, this episode is a must-listen!

Eric and Adam dive deep into the topic of escaping the accountant's trap and uncover the key strategies to maximize profits, attract top-notch clients, and achieve the freedom you deserve.

In this episode...
  • Discover the three lies that accountants have been conditioned to believe and how they hinder professional growth. Eric exposes the brainwashing effect of these beliefs and shares the truth behind them. From the worth of your work being tied to hours to the misconception that clients are naturally price-sensitive, these falsehoods keep accountants trapped in an oppressive model.
  • Learn how shifting from the billable hour model to a subscription-based value pricing approach can revolutionize your practice. Say goodbye to stressful timesheets, collections issues, and end-of-year conversations with clients. Embrace a new business model that fosters efficiency, effectiveness, and, ultimately, increased profitability.
  • Discover the transformative power of taking control of your business model and regaining control of your life. It's time to escape the accountant's trap and step into a world where you can earn more, work less, and truly thrive as a valued professional.

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 Highlights from this episode 
Efficiency vs. Effectiveness
The Three Freedoms
The Business Owners Blueprint Dilemma
The Power in Your Pricing Model
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