Episode 18: How to Setup a Virtual Firm and Take Back Control of Your Time
Episode 18
How to Setup a Virtual Firm and Take Back Control of Your Time
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Welcome to the latest episode of Escaping the Accountant's Trap!

In today's conversation, we dive deep into the world of virtual firms and how they can liberate accountants, CPAs, and bookkeepers from the confines of traditional work structures. Our guest, Noemi Aguilar-Orta, founder of Mama Counts, shares her incredible journey of breaking free from the limitations of a traditional office and building a successful virtual firm. Noemi's story is an inspiring testament to the power of aligning your career with your life's priorities. She started her journey in the world of bookkeeping and tax at a young age, and after experiencing the challenges of work-life balance and the demands of tax season, she knew she needed a change. With determination and the desire to be present for her family, Noemi embarked on the path of setting up a virtual firm.

In this episode...
  • Discover how Noemi's journey led her to embrace remote work, allowing her to run a thriving accounting practice while being fully present for her family.
  • Gain valuable insights into the systems she set up, including the use of QuickBooks Desktop through hosting services, workflow automation with tools like TaxStorm, and effective communication tools such as G Suite, Calendly, Zoom, and Asana.

Noemi's advice is not only practical but also empowering for those looking to transition into the virtual work landscape. So, if you're an accountant or bookkeeper who dreams of work-life balance, flexibility, and the ability to work from anywhere, this episode is a must-listen. Join us for this enlightening conversation and learn how to escape the accountant's trap and embrace the boundless possibilities of a virtual firm.

Tune in now through the link below and take your career to new heights!

Visit Noemi's Website: https://mamacounts.com
 Highlights from this episode 
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