Episode 21: How to Use AI To Handle Low Level Tasks In Your Practice
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Episode 21
How to Use AI To Handle Low Level Tasks In Your Practice
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Welcome to a brand-new episode of "Escaping the Accountant's Trap!"

In this enlightening conversation, host Adam Lean is joined by Shane Westra as they delve into the realm of AI and its transformative impact on the accounting profession.

Join the discussion as they explore how leveraging AI can liberate accountants, CPAs, and bookkeepers from the tedious, time-consuming tasks that often hold them back. Shane, the Chief Product Officer at Canopy Tax, shares valuable insights on how AI can revolutionize the way accounting professionals operate.

In this episode...
  • Discover how AI serves as a powerful tool, enabling accountants to elevate their roles from number-crunching to high-value client advisory services.
  • Learn about the array of tasks that AI can streamline, from communication and document management to insightful reporting.

Shane's expertise sheds light on how AI can free up accountants' time, allowing them to focus on becoming true experts in their chosen niches. The future of accounting is bright, with AI as a catalyst for growth, efficiency, and enhanced client experiences. Tune in now to explore the incredible potential that AI holds for the accounting industry!

Visit Shane's Website: https://www.getcanopy.com/
 Highlights from this episode 
Should We Really Fear AI
How Canopy is Helping Accountants
How Can AI be Used to Advise Bookkeepers
How Accountants Can Use AI in Their Practice
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