Episode 11: How to Make More Money By Working With Less Clients
Episode 11
How to Make More Money By Working With Less Clients
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Join us for an eye-opening discussion in this compelling episode of Escaping The Accountant's Trap. Our special guest, Dawn Brolin, a respected educator and designated motivator, reveals the secret to breaking free from the accountant's grind and making more money by working with fewer clients.

In this episode...

  • Discover the transformative power of relationship pricing, a subscription-based model that ensures your clients have access to your expertise whenever they need it, without the need for hourly billing.
  • Learn how time management and productivity hold the key to maximizing your efficiency and freeing up valuable time, allowing you to achieve your goals without sacrificing work-life balance.
  • Gain valuable insights on the importance of pricing your services accordingly and defining your ideal clients, enabling you to focus on the work you love and avoid the trap of undervaluing your expertise.

Escape the constraints of traditional accounting and embrace a new path to success.

Visit Dawn's Website here.
 Highlights from this episode 
Staying Motivated
The Power of Boundaries
The Secret to a Successful Firm
How Sports Experience Breeds Efficiency
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