Episode 27: How to Make Your Practice Attractive to a Buyer
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Episode 27
How to Make Your Practice Attractive to a Buyer
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Welcome to Escaping the Accountant's Trap, a valuable resource for accountants, CPAs, and bookkeepers seeking to break free from the constraints of what we term the accountant's trap.

In today's episode, we explore a game-changing solution – the buying and selling of accounting firms. Join us as we sit down with Jason Blumer, CEO of Thriveal, an organization dedicated to empowering entrepreneurial accountants and bookkeeping firm owners to embrace innovative and creative approaches within the profession.

Thriveal serves as a supportive community for professionals who are unafraid to push boundaries, experiment with fresh strategies, and work through the challenges of entrepreneurship together. The conversation delves into the hot topic of private equity firms acquiring larger accounting firms and the characteristics that make a firm an attractive prospect.

Moreover, we discuss the prospects and advantages of growing your firm through acquisition. Amidst current industry challenges and opportunities, it's an exciting time for accounting professionals to fortify their positions and emerge as industry leaders.

Visit Jason's Website: https://thriveal.com/
 Highlights from this episode 
Old School vs Private Equity Mentality
How to Get Your Business Ready For Sale
Why Your Client Base Isn’t Your Only Asset
What Are The Big Firms Trying to Buy
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