Episode 7: Increase the Value to Your Clients So You Can Increase Your Income
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Episode 7
Increase the Value to Your Clients So You Can Increase Your Income
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In this episode of the "Escaping the Accountant's Trap" podcast, host Adam Lean invites consultant Geraldine Carter to discuss how accountants can increase their value to clients and escape the cycle of low-value, high-demand work.

In this episode...
  • Geraldine shares her own experience of struggling to find an accountant who could provide the guidance and forecasting she needed for her business.
  • They highlight the importance of shifting from hourly billing to value-based pricing and embracing specialization within a niche market.
  • By understanding the specific needs of their clients and offering expertise and guidance, accountants can differentiate themselves, provide more value, and command higher fees.
  • They emphasize that raising fees actually reduces competition and attracts clients who appreciate the unique insights and services they offer.

Visit Geraldine's Website here: https://geraldinecarter.com
 Highlights from this episode 
What Your Clients Really Want
How to Scale Through Systemization
Opportunities vs Mentality
How to Get Your Client Where They Want to Go
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