Episode 12: Creating a Profitable Practice Without Sacrificing Your Life
Episode 12
Creating a Profitable Practice Without Sacrificing Your Life
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In this episode of Escaping the Accountant's Trap  we have a special guest Jo Wood, the founder of Six Figure Bookkeeper.com. Jo, who has been recognized as one of the top 50 women in accounting, shares her journey of building a successful multi six-figure bookkeeping practice from home with a virtual team. Jo opens up about her challenges, starting from her early days as a bookkeeper to founding her first practice and facing difficulties. She talks about her burnout, spinal surgery, and even how her husband played a role in pushing her to make her business a success.

Join us as Jo explains how she transformed her approach from being transactional to transformational with her clients.

In this episode...
  • Discover the importance of having conversations that go beyond numbers, helping your clients understand their financial goals, sales, branding, and more.
  • Learn from Jo's expertise as she emphasizes the significance of becoming a true business owner, not just a service provider.
  • Find out how she made herself redundant from day-to-day bookkeeping tasks and focused on building a profitable enterprise that runs without her constant involvement.
If you're an accountant, CPA, or bookkeeper looking to create a profitable and fulfilling practice, this episode is a must-watch. Gain insights and valuable tips from Jo Wood on transforming your approach, growing your business, and achieving a successful work-life balance.

Let's escape the accountant's trap together and thrive in our practices!

Visit Jo's Website.
 Highlights from this episode 
The Key to a Successful Practice
The E-Myth og Bookkeeping
Helping Clients See Your Value
Don't be Afraid to Get Creative
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