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Three Challenges Facing Accountants, CPAs and Bookkeepers...

Challenge #1: To get paid more you have to take on more clients (and/or work more hours)

Challenge #2: You have a ton of competition

Challenge #3: A lot of accounting software are trying to automate your job away

Your job is to record the past correctly. However, your clients don't really care about the quality of the books as much as you think they should.

To them, you and your competitors do the same thing (which is why you really can't raise your fees).

What your business clients do care about is understanding their numbers and getting guidance on how to have a growing and more profitable business.

They want their accountant (you) to be their business advisor.

But, there's two problems with this.

Problem #1: You're not getting paid to do that.

Problem #2: You're not sure, exactly, how to do that.

Until now...

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