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The foolproof way to escape the accountant's trap

Offer a CFO/Business Advisory Service and Finally Have a Scalable Way for You to Grow Your Practice

Command Higher Fees

Have Recurring Revenue

Differentiate Yourself

The accountant's trap

There are three challenges facing accountants:

Challenge #1: To get paid more you have to take on more clients (and/or work more hours)

Challenge #2: You have a ton of competition

Challenge #3: A lot of accounting software are trying to automate your job away

Your job is to record the past correctly. However, your clients don't really care about the quality of the books as much as you think they should.

To them, you and your competitors do the same thing (which is why you really can't raise your fees).

What your business clients do care about is understanding their numbers and getting guidance on how to have a growing and more profitable business.

They want their accountant (you) to be their business advisor.

But, there's two problems with this.

Problem #1: You're not getting paid to do that.

Problem #2: You're not sure, exactly, how to do that.

You're getting paid to do compliance work. This means that to make more money you have to take on a lot of low-paying and demanding clients.

And, because your income is tied directly to how much you work, you have to continuously put in long hours servicing your clients while, at the same time, trying to find new clients.

This is a recipe for burnout.

Plus, even if you wanted to provide a business advisory service you don't have a scalable and efficient way to do that.

Until now...

What you need is a system. A system that will allow you provide a high-quality outsourced CFO/business advisory service to your clients.

You also need support and community. You need to be surrounded by the best CFOs and business advisors that can help you build a great business.

By offering an outsourced CFO/business advisory service you'll not only be able to separate yourself from your competition, you'll also be able to command higher fees, have predictable recurring revenue, and have a bigger impact on your clients' lives.

We'll show you how to do all of this in our exclusive membership program.

Become a Certified CFO

By joining our membership, you'll get...

Access to our certification program, where, after completing the requirements you'll become a Certified CFO and be able to offer a high-value service to your clients.
A complete turn-key system for providing an outsourced CFO/business advisory service that allows you to charge for your value - instead of charging for your time.
A complete turn-key system for getting leads on a consistent basis from business owners who are desperate for your expertise and guidance.
A complete turn-key system for converting leads into clients who are paying higher fees and will stay longer.
You'll have complete access to additional trainings, our complete library of tools, templates, and other resources to help you deliver a highly-effective CFO/business advisory service.
If you need CPE, you'll be able to earn monthly CPE by taking some of our trainings live. We are NASBA approved, and members are able to earn CPE credit each month.
You'll be a part of a highly exclusive community and mastermind group of other financial professionals who are on a mission to help business owners have a growing and successful business.
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The One Clear Path

Most accountants don't have a clear process for delivering an effective business advisory service.

Instead, they rely on a generic coaching system that forces the client to fit the system instead of the system fitting the client.

This leaves clients disengaged and frustrated.

In our membership program, we'll teach you our process for delivering a high-value outsourced CFO/business advisory service that will allow you to charge more per client and retain clients longer.

We call it the One Clear Path.

It's one clear path to help your clients have a growing and more profitable business without stress and overwhelm.

To learn more about The One Clear Path, take our FREE training here.

Why you should join

We are an exclusive community of CPAsaccountants, bookkeepers and other financial professionals who have a passion for helping business owners have a growing and successful business.

We'll show you how to add (or start) a CFO service so  you can command higher fees, have recurring revenue, and have a bigger impact on your clients' lives.

You'll be able to...

Gain a competitive advantage
You'll be able to differentiate yourself from all of the other accountants and financial professionals.
Get support
You'll immediately be a part of a community of other financial professionals who want to help their clients succeed.
Grow your business
You'll finally have a system to (a) get clients, (b) command higher fees, and (c) have recurring revenue each month.
Increase your take home pay
You'll be able to charge more per client and retain clients longer. This will allow you to increase your revenue without having to work more hours.
Move away from low value work
Instead of trading time for money doing tax, bookkeeping or other compliance related activities, you'll be able provide a high-value advisory service that scales.
Stop the battle between 'doing' the work and 'finding' the work
You'll also have a complete system for getting new clients on a consistent basis.

Have a bigger impact
You'll have a proven method for helping your clients have a growing and more profitable business without stress and overwhelm.
Find Out Why You Should Become an Outsourced CFO/Business Advisor
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"Using the systems that The CFO Project equipped me with, I reduced my workload by 75% (not even kidding) and I increased my income by 50%.

This program has changed my life."
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Becky L.
Dallas, TX
What You'll Get

You'll get training, resources, and a support...all built into the membership.

Become a Certified CFO

You'll have access to our live and on-demand certification courses on...

  • How to add a CFO/business advisory service to your existing practice
  • How to get qualified leads from business owners
  • How to convert leads to paying clients (paying a minimum of $18k per year)
  • How to provide an effective outsourced CFO/business advisory service

Upon successful completion, you'll become a 'Certified CFO'.

Training on Building, Growing and Scaling a CFO/Business Advisory Service

Upon joining, you'll get immediate access to our training that will show you, step-by-step, how to provide a CFO/business advisory service that not only gets results but will keep your clients engaged with you for years.

This training will also show you how a proven system to get clients without feeling like a salesperson and without spending a dime on ads.


Exclusive Member Forum

You'll gain access to our exclusive member forum where you'll be able to connect with other accountants, CPAs and bookkeepers as well as our entire team of CFO Trainers.


Weekly CFO Roundtables

You have the ability to join a live online weekly 'mastermind-style' virtual meeting made up of a handful of your peers. Each Roundtable is led by a 'CFO Trainer' who will guide you every step of the way.


Unlimited Support

You'll have unlimited access to one-to-one calls with a 'CFO Trainer' to help you solve any challenge or answer any questions.

Our rule of thumb is that if it takes you more than five minutes to solve a problem, reach out!


Resource Vault

You'll have full access to all of our supporting tools, templates, and other resources that will aid you in:

  • Starting, setting up, and managing a CFO/advisory service
  • Getting leads
  • Converting leads to clients
  • Providing the service

Live Monthly Masterclasses

Each month we teach a live Masterclass on a variety of topics to help you build, grow and scale a CFO/business advisory practice.

We are NASBA approved, and members are eligible to earn CPE credit for EVERY Masterclass.

3-Client Guarantee

Once you join, we'll guaranteeing your first three CFO clients. That's how much we believe in this program and how well it's worked for our members.

One CFO client will more than pay for this program, however, we're guaranteeing you three.

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Case Studies

See what our members have to say in their own words...

“Since joining The CFO Project, it took me only 8 months to leave my day job. And, in 2 and half months since leaving my day job I’ve already doubled what I was making”
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Ryan K.
St. Louis, MO
“The CFO Project is really extraordinary. There isn't anything I need that you haven't already thought of. Your training is comprehensive and straightforward. The templates, ranging from workshops to email scripts, are incredibly useful.”
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Julie P.
Mt. Pleasant, SC
“I went from a career working for someone else to a sustainable career in helping small businesses grow and become more profitable…in just six months.

The program makes it easy to learn and to apply the principles that drive small businesses and to help the owner to perform and feel like a CEO.

This feeling is extremely rewarding, and now I’m the owner of my own small business.

I could not have done it without The CFO Project.”

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Michael S.
Lakeville, MN
"The CFO Project has been an amazing launching pad for starting my own business. I've gone from "how can I help you" to "here's how we help you" thanks to the process they teach to guide a business owner to their goals. This has resulted in a 3x growth in my effective rate over traditional hourly billing I've used in the past when doing consulting work. Last but not least, the community aspect is almost priceless, we're all here to help each other grow."
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Bruce B.
Alpharetta, GA
"I am greatly enjoying the roundtables and masterclasses - a wealth of information and support! I have popped into the HUB and revisited the Modules for inspiration and encouragement when fear and paralysis sets in... It does help me keep on keeping on."
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Connie B.
Missoula, MT
"I had already been doing CFO advisory services and joined so I could learn how to streamline and market those services as I grow out this part of our practice as well as collaborate with other professionals doing the same thing. This program is exceeding expectations. I am finding the Roundtables to be extremely valuable and they are fun to attend. I feel like I will be a better CFO and see more success for my clients using the One Clear Path and monthly meeting format. 
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Deborah M.
Encinitas, CA
"I am excited about the possibility of using this program to transition away from tax, account, QBO support, and controller work. My goal is to slowly add quality clients and be full-time Virtual CFO consultant by next year. I watch my first masterclass last night while traveling and it was great! Looking forward to the 2nd one."
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William B.
Florence, SC
"The training and systems have definitely helped me close more clients and increase my rates. I can't say enough about the high level of support that this program provides."
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Rocky L.
Harrisburg, PA

Jeff Prager (left) and Adam Lean (right) are both former accountants who have built multiple businesses.

Together, they built a successful outsourced CFO/business advisory firm. As they were scaling this firm, they developed a complete system to ensure their team was providing real results to their clients (small and medium sized business owners).

They then founded The CFO Project where they, along with several other professionals, teach CPAs, accountants, and bookkeepers how to start and grow their own outsourced CFO/business advisory practice.

Currently there are over 200 members in The CFO Project membership program who are building, growing, and scaling their own outsourced CFO/business advisory practice.

The CFO Project is taught and led by Jeff and Adam as well as a team of CFO Trainers. We all have one mission: to help our members have a thriving, growing, and successful practice.

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Steps to becoming a member

1. See if you qualify

We only accept qualified individuals into our association. The first step is to see if you qualify.


2. Interview with a facilitator

If you qualify, you'll be invited to interview with one of our facilitators. We look for two main things: (a) a desire to help business owners, and (b) adequate business financial knowledge.


3. Get accepted

We'll notify all accepted applicants via email and invite them to attend a new member orientation call where we'll help you get all setup. 

4. Get Started

You'll have access to worldclass training, tools and support so you can build a successful CFO/business advisory practice. You'll also be a part of a community of other financial professionals and CFO Trainers who will help sharpen your skills and help you grow.

The CFO Project is proudly registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) and is a sponsor of continuing professional education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors.

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