How to Sell CFO Services as an Introvert
How to Sell CFO Services as an Introvert
Written by
Adam Lean
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Let’s face it. Our industry is made up of a bunch of introverts.

I’m one of them. Maybe one of the biggest.

I hate small talk.

I hate crowds.

I hate meetings.

But this doesn’t mean I don’t care.

I really do care. I really do care about the quality of my work (like most of you). I really do care about providing for my family (like most of you). And I really do care about helping my clients succeed (which, I’m guessing is most of you).

Here’s the thing. To sell anything, all that really matters at the end of the day is that you care.

It doesn’t matter that you’re a great salesperson.

It doesn’t matter that you’re a great orator.

And it doesn’t matter that you’re an amazing conversationalist.

The only thing that really is required is that you care.

I possess it.

And I believe you do to.

So, why does caring matter?

Well, Dr. Curt Thompson (a psychiatrist and neurologist) said it best:

“Human beings never made decisions because they make sense. We make sense of things that feel right.”

Caring is an emotion.

Caring is a feeling.

Everyone wants to be cared for.

And if you can show a prospect that you really care about them and their business, you will win the job.


Because most business owners are scared. Stressed. Overwhelmed. Lonely.

They’re scared because they’re not sure they have the chops to make it in business.

They’re stressed because money is always so tight.

They’re overwhelmed because there’s never enough time in the day.

And they’re lonely because there’s no one to talk to that gets it.

There’s no one to talk to…that cares.

Enter you.

If the only thing that a prospect knows about you is that you’re a financial professional and you care about helping them have a successful business…

…you will get them to buy your outsourced CFO/business advisory service over someone else who has a better pedigree but lacks the ability to care.

If a business owner knew that you cared about them and their business…

…they wouldn’t feel as scared. Why? Because someone they trust is walking alongside them to make sure they don’t fail.

…they wouldn’t feel as stressed. Why? Because a financial professional is helping them have a financially healthy business.

…they wouldn’t feel as overwhelmed. Why? Because you’re helping them focus on the things that matter (read: things that help them generate more cash today than yesterday and more cash tomorrow than today).

And…they wouldn’t feel as lonely. Why? Because some that cares about them is one meeting away, one phone call away, one email away from helping them with their business.

You cannot put a price tag on someone’s peace-of-mind.

Scratch that.

You can.

All for the low price of whatever you’re charging your client for your outsourced CFO/business advisory service each month.

But…this only happens if you can show your prospects that you genuinely care.

And, yes, introverts can excel at this.

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