Episode 20: Grow Your Advisory Practice By Leveraging Tax Planning Tools
Episode 20
Grow Your Advisory Practice By Leveraging Tax Planning Tools
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Join us on the latest episode of Escaping the Accountant's Trap, where we dive deep into the world of advising clients on tax planning strategies.

In this enlightening conversation with Paul Hamann, the founder and president of RC Reports, we uncover the powerful concept of reasonable compensation (RC).

Discover how RC serves as a crucial compliance figure for small businesses, shedding light on what business owners should be paying themselves and how it affects tax planning. Paul provides invaluable insights into how accountants, CPAs, and bookkeepers can leverage RC as a cornerstone for advisory conversations.

Learn how this fundamental number can lead to discussions on entity planning, retirement strategies, and even open doors to upselling services. Our conversation highlights practical ways to monetize RC analysis and outlines its pivotal role in refining your advisory practice.

Don't miss this opportunity to escape the accountant's trap and unlock the potential of tax planning tools for your clients' financial success.

Visit Paul's Website: https://rcreports.com
 Highlights from this episode 
What is a Reasonable Comp
Where is Your Client’s Time Best Spent
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