Episode 22: How to Manage Your Mind So You Can Manage Everything Else
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Episode 22
How to Manage Your Mind So You Can Manage Everything Else
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Welcome to another insightful episode of Escaping the Accountant's Trap!

In this episode, host Adam Lean invites Dawn Goldberg, a certified professional coach for accountants and author of "The Smarter Accountant," to uncover the secrets to eliminating stress, overcoming imposter syndrome, and maximizing productivity.

Dawn shares her journey from a stressed-out accountant to a master of mind and time management, revealing how a shift in mindset can revolutionize your professional life. Discover practical tips to stop procrastination, manage your emotions, and take control of your career.

Are you tired of the constant stress and overwhelm that come with accounting work? Don't miss this engaging discussion as Dawn explains the power of emotional intelligence and how managing your mind is the key to effective time management.

Learn how to identify and challenge limiting beliefs, why emotional adulthood is crucial for success, and practical steps to boost your productivity.

If you're ready to escape the accountant's trap and unlock your full potential, be sure to check out Dawn's website, thesmarteraccountant.com, for her insightful quiz and resources that can help you become a Smarter Accountant. Don't let stress hold you back; it's time to take charge of your career!
 Highlights from this episode 
Top Time Managements Tips for Accountants
Tax Season Does Not Have to be Stressful
Stress in Accounting Can be a Choice
Dawn’s Journey to Mental Freedom
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