Episode 25: Utilizing Systems & People to Get Off The Hamster Wheel
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Episode 25
Utilizing Systems & People to Get Off The Hamster Wheel
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Welcome to Escaping the Accountant's Trap, where we help accountants, CPAs, and bookkeepers break free from the relentless cycle of overwork and undercompensation.

In today's episode, we are thrilled to have Leslie Leondas, an expert in liberating accountants from the grind. Leslie specializes in helping accounting professionals break free from the conventional model that often chains them to long hours and low pay. She's here to share her insights on how to escape this common dilemma and scale your accounting business to new heights.

Are you stuck in the hamster wheel, working tirelessly without reaping the benefits you deserve? Leslie and our host, Adam Lean, delve into the strategies that can lead to sustainable growth in your accounting practice. Leslie has transformed her own CPA firm, breaking free from traditional models and helping accountants navigate this transition.

Don't miss this valuable discussion on creating systems, building a team, and changing the game in the accounting industry. Stay tuned and unlock the key to unleashing your accounting business's full potential.

Visit Leslie's Website: https://liondascpa.com/
 Highlights from this episode 
What to Look For When Hiring a Team
What Qualifications Should You Look For
How to Engage Your Employees
How to Build Steps to Escape The Trap
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